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Neighborhood Property Values

A Rain Garden in the Snow Woods neighborhood.

Maintenance of properties is key to the value of the homes in our neighborhood. Snow Woods residents take pride in where they live and it shows! Residents help to enforce ordinances in order to maintain property values in our neighborhood.

Parks and Community Pools also increase the value of homes in our area. The largest park in our neighborhood is Ten Eyck Park, located at the corner of Audette and Croissant streets. The park is named after Conrad Ten Eyck (July 17, 1782 - August 23, 1847), who came to Detroit from New York with his brother, Jeremiah, and settled in Dearborn in 1823. Conrad Ten Eyck was known as the “...richest man in town” and also for his popular tavern on the old Chicago Road (re-named Michigan Avenue).

Ten Eyck Pool is located in the park and is open during the summer months for public swim and rentals. There is daily swim time, swim lessons, and other fun water events. The City provides life guards to oversee water safety. Each Spring, the SWNA hosts an annual clean-up day where we help beautify the pool surroundings for the upcoming summer season. The SWNA also oversees “Floatie Nites,” a popular family swim event held twice a week after pool hours. An Outdoor Natural Ice Rink has recently been releveled for winter use. This upgrade has also contributed to the value of our properties.

Most properties in the Snow Woods neighborhood have been enhanced by the addition of aesthetically pleasing landscaping. The SWNA fully encourages these efforts and specifically recommends participation in the City of Dearborn's Rain Garden 50/50 Cost Share Program for residents that helps to protect the Rouge River

    A Rain Garden is basically a shallow depression that is planted
    with deep-rooted native plants and grasses. It's positioned near a
    runoff source such as a downspout, driveway or sump pump to
    capture rainwater runoff and stop the water from reaching the  
    sewer system. Rain Gardens are also a great way to provide a
    natural habitat for wildlife and native plan varieties. Rain Gardens 
    can increase the real estate value of a property because they are
both attractive and a working best management practice for decreasing storm water runoff and erosion.

For more information about the Rain Garden 50/50 Cost Share Program, go to the City of Dearborn's website at: